One of the biggest joys I have is travel and photography. The world is fabulous and I hope you too will share in the joy I get from seeing the places God created and has allowed human to create. As a writer, I have had these photos published in the world which is a great honor, not only that, please check out our Pinterest to download anything that speaks to you or just makes you smile!

Healing Baths

~Serenity in the Hungarian healing baths~

Cluj City Center

“Feed the birds”


“Your vibe, your choice”

Golden Hour

“Knotts Berry Farm”

The Hills

~European hills tops remind me of this village, paused in time, living for simplicity~

Water from the Gods

~A fountain of youth and prosperity~

7 p.m. Pacific time

“The desert awaits it’s opponent”

Ocean Breeze

“The salt air is good for the soul”

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