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~Dominique Arianna Angellotti~

Blogger/writer/Jesus lover

How can one get on in the world without a sense of joy and passion for carrying you through? For me, that sense is writing. The truth is, I am not famous, not moving around thousands of followers in my back pocket and not the best-selling author, but I am honest, and that is the most valuable aspect of all. Life can be difficult with tugs and pulls, which opens up the purpose of this blog. This blog is all about Jesus because that is the only source that can calm our storm.

Writing is a terrific way to bring yourself to a new state of mind, get to know yourself, and get to know God. Because of this belief, I have pages, journals, and cuts to prove how much I rely on writing as an outlet in times of uncertainly and difficulty. This blog is centered around exactly what I struggle with as a Christian woman and is being shared to remind you that you’re not alone. Being a woman who desires to follow God hasn’t come without difficulties, and I am sure you can agree. Admit it or not, proclaiming God as your savior comes with some high expectations and a new subjection to judgment. Now don’t get me wrong, following Jesus is GREAT! But, be himself said it wouldn’t be an easy task.

This blog wants to make it easier for you to remember God doesn’t expect you to be perfect and help reduce the stress you feel from other people’s judgment. Feeling overwhelmed because of other people and the pressure we put on ourselves is never the answer, and that is what I would love to help you in any way I can. This blog is about YOU. Not me or other people you think are reading. Just YOU because this is the place for you to feel comfortable with who you are while growing in the Lord.

Things to know about Dom

  1. I like a “WE” mentality.
  2. National Magazine Writer.
  3. Writing gets me through everything.
  4. This blog was truly put on my heart by God.
  5. I love to lead worship at my church.


This site is a pure reflection of how we can better serve God as sisters in Christ in an honest and un-judgmental place. SO LET’S DO THIS THING

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