A Friendly Note

Good afternoon all you hard working ladies out there. I hope your day is going just swimmingly! The weekend has come with its trials for myself and I am reminded to give thanks in all situations. Its hard to be positive amid worldly battles and you know what, its OKAY! You are doing your best and God sees our efforts even when we don’t. I wanted to expose my heart today and let you all know that I have been thinking quite a bit about what I am thankful for. I think this is a good exercise that I myself should practice more but wanted to share with everyone! Giving thanks in trials tends to pull you out of your own head space which can be filled with unclear thoughts and a spiral of fear. Taking a minute to think about what God has given us amid trials is a good way to refresh our minds and remember our lives aren’t completely “all bad” and we have a lot to be happy about no matter what is going on in our life!

I wish you all strength and love!

Published by ~Dom~

A born and raised New Yorker, I come from fields, falls, and familiarization. You may have heard the term “close but yet so far” growing up in western New York, I can honestly say I have experienced a life near the city lights but not “in it”. My writing style consists of anything and everything that my mind whips up, meaning I’m a powerhouse of ideas and intuition. I am currently working towards and master's in journalism and eventually will grace the covers and pages of every major magazine and newsletter. I hope to become a great writer who stands for excellence, reliability, and intrigue.

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