“The Truth” with CarlsBad’s Julie Blevins

You’d think after all these years my God walk would be tight and mighty awe but still. Like you I too have my struggles and the beauty of our journey it’s ever evolving. Confidence is something I am always working on. Years in the making quick for the fall. How I live my life what does it look like to the outside world and is it God honoring? Well to be sure finding my voice in this crazy world of ours and be heard in a way that I’ll be noticed and give God the glory was one tall order. I could not have done this without the prompting and leading of the Holy Spirit. It drove me in the direction of my calling, a writer in training. Oh, that I would be blessed with the love and support of our greatest teacher ever, Jesus. Through personal testimony, daily devotional, Bible study, worship and just plain God talk I heard his voice. Throw in the extra richness of the cheering along the way from family and friends my confidence sky rocketed to the next level.
If there was one piece of advice for my sisters in faith “to be fearless”. Failing is to learn embrace it. My greatest victories came after my hardest falls. There in the wings was Jesus arms wide open ready to walk me back up the mountain. Nothing worth having will come easy. Women we are warriors strong and mighty saved by the blood of Jesus. The possibilities are endless in all that we do. May it be God honoring as you shine your light for the King!
-Julie L. Blevins

Published by ~Dom~

A born and raised New Yorker, I come from fields, falls, and familiarization. You may have heard the term “close but yet so far” growing up in western New York, I can honestly say I have experienced a life near the city lights but not “in it”. My writing style consists of anything and everything that my mind whips up, meaning I’m a powerhouse of ideas and intuition. I am currently working towards and master's in journalism and eventually will grace the covers and pages of every major magazine and newsletter. I hope to become a great writer who stands for excellence, reliability, and intrigue.

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