Nothing is Worth your Tears they Say

People just don’t understand sometimes. The stress, the fear, and the constant tug to just feel happy. Why do we find comfort in the things that make us feel secure? well, so few things make us feel secure so we wouldn’t hold tight to the few things that do.

I hate feeling like I have no control like I am doing everything I possibly can to get somewhere or be someone but my movement is like standing on an escalator. One moment you feel you have finally overpowered the resistance but you look down and haven’t made a dent. It’s silly to think of an escalator portraying our life but right now it feels that way.

Today I wish could explain or have a revolutionizing blog for today but some days can’t be helped or fixed. Some days are for tears and for seclusion from the world and that’s okay. it’s not easy reaching another breaking point but it’s going to happen and why fight it when you get to let it ride out. Tomorrow is a new day filled with new thoughts and new strengths. The saying that “nothing is worth your tears” always sat funny with me. Shouldn’t we be allowed to decide what’s worth our tears? if are tears are a result of something then maybe something is worth crying about. Sometimes it helps to cry and when you stop, it means you have regained that strength to push forward. So take the time to build up your strength again and remember that.

Published by ~Dom~

A born and raised New Yorker, I come from fields, falls, and familiarization. You may have heard the term “close but yet so far” growing up in western New York, I can honestly say I have experienced a life near the city lights but not “in it”. My writing style consists of anything and everything that my mind whips up, meaning I’m a powerhouse of ideas and intuition. I am currently working towards and master's in journalism and eventually will grace the covers and pages of every major magazine and newsletter. I hope to become a great writer who stands for excellence, reliability, and intrigue.

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